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About ETC2.0

Well-arranged road network with ring roads in the metropolitan area drastically increased varieties of routing selection. ETC has helped in making smooth traffic flows in the selected course of trip. ETC has been evolving into ETC2.0 that offers various new sevices using travelling records gathered up through ITS spots all over the country.

As shown above, ETC2.0 offers various drive support services through the world's first V2I cooperative system using high-throughput wireless communication between ETC2.0 onboard units and ITS spots (roadside antennas)

In addition, such traffic managements can be feasible as to disperse traffics from concentrations at specific bottlenecks of times or places, to decrease traffic accidents, and thus to avoid deteriorations of roadways. Eventually, we can use the limited resource of roads more efficiently and smartly for a long time.

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