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Roles of ITS-TEA

Tasks on ETC

Tasks on DSRC

ITS-TEA conducts the following tasks throughout the world:

  1. Task to provide information security standards related to ETC system.
  2. Task to issue encrypted data for setup of ETC system.
  3. Task to provide platform regarding information security in DSRC, and its management.
  4. Standardization of technologies in ETC and DSRC systems.
  5. Promotional activities of ETC and DSRC systems.
  6. Research and development for the enhancement of technologies related to ETC and DSRC systems.
  7. Gathering and provision of information on technologies related to ETC and DSRC systems and technological exchange with other organizations.
  8. Task to utilize technologies of ETC and DSRC systems.
  9. Execution of entrusted tasks regarding the activities stated above.
  10. Other tasks to fulfill the purposes of ITS-TEA.
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