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About ETC

ETC System

ETC ---Electronic Toll Collection System enables non-stop electronic toll payment through wireless communication between a roadside antenna at the tollgate and an onboard unit mounting an ETC card (prepaid/postpaid IC card) on the vehicle.

Fig. This illustration shows an image of telecommunication between a vehicle and a roadside device.

System image of ETC

Roadside antenna is installed by road operators. ETC onboard unit is made, sold, and setup by private companies. ETC card is issued by credit card companies. Japan's ETC assures nationwide compatibility on every toll roads throughout Japan, which was realized for the first time in the world.

ETC Security

ETC employs a strict security procedure to eliminate the following misconducts:

  • Spoofing
  • tampering
  • Wiretapping

Fig. This diagram shows the communication and security procedures between E T C card, onboard unit, and roadside device.

ETC Security

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