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How To Use ETC2.0 Services (Hyperlinks to ETC Portal Site)

Here you can find some how-tos before installing ETC2.0 onboard unit onto your car, and start using ETC2.0 services.
The following articles are directly hyperlinked to the ETC Portal Site.

Start Here

For using ETC2.0 services, you must install ETC2.0 onboard unit on your car. Ordinary ETC onboard unit cannot get ETC2.0 services.
For those who intend to install ETC2.0 onboard units on your cars.

Check it here
(Linked to ETC Portal Site)

Must-To-Agree Before Using ETC2.0 Services

There are rules when using ETC2.0 onboard unit. Please read the following and agree with it (It is written in Japanese.)

ETC2.0 Onboard Unit Usage Rules
(Linked to ETC Portal Site)

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